Wire Fishing Line Leader, Steel Wire Spinner 16/18/22/24/28cm With Fishing Swivel

Note:There are different model/color fishing swivel for you to select, please choose the correct model when you order.

Material: Steel Wire

Quantity: 100PCS/Pack Or 60pcs/Pack;

100PCS Length/Test: 6.3inches/15.5LB, 7.1inches/17.6LB, 8.7inches/22.1LB

, 9.4inches/28.7LB, 11.0inches/33.2LB

(Each size*20pcs=100pcs)

60PCS Length/Test:5.9inches/26.4LB, 7inches/26.4LB, 9.8inches/26.4LB

​(Each size*20pcs=60pcs)

Type: Unknown Type

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